Designed to be used in studio, office and external environments, this system can be mounted directly onto the camera, with a hood large enough to accommodate medium to large sized lenses.

It can also be fitted onto its own free-standing/wheel-based tripod for speed of use for static shots, talking heads or interviews, with direct or off-camera eye-line. Either way, it’s easy to rig - and with such robust components, is sturdy enough to withstand the most rigorous use.


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This incredibly versatile and compact 4-way system is ideal for use with lightweight cameras in confined spaces & location shoots ... all contained in a Pelicase suitable for travelling & flying.

The Microprompt can be :-

• Camera-mounted, with direct eye-line for lightweight pan/tilt
• Free-standing, with tripod mount for static shots
• Hoodless, for hand-held operation and manoeuvreability
• Desk-mounted, for use in interviews or as a prompt


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